Australian Babywearing Association Endorsement

Here at the Australian Babywearing Association we pride ourselves on educating and promoting the highest level of babywearing safety and best practice.

We know parents want to keep their babies as safe and supported as possible and are looking for these markers when purchasing items for their baby.

To give them this assurity when purchasing a baby carrier, sling, or wrap, we will endorse those products that comply with best practice positioning and support, and adequately explain safety and correct use for optimal outcomes for both caregivers and children.

To have your product endorsed we will ask you to send us your product and the instruction manual. We will check both of these over for key ergonomic considerations, quality, safety explanations and guidance.

We will look closely at how the hips, spine, and head of baby will be supported in the sling, wrap, or carrier, to enable optimal positioning for key stages of development. As well as how well the instructions guide a parent on understanding the correct set up and easily explain best use of the product and what to avoid.

If your product passes endorsement you will be sent our 'endorsed by' logo to display on your website and print to place onto your product as well.

Please complete the form below to enquire and we will get in touch with you about beginning the process with your product. We look forward to hearing from you!
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