Passionate about promoting babywearing safety to your friends, colleagues, or local community? Want a super simple and friendly way to educate parents and caregivers on optimal babywearing practices while you’re out and about?

Our Community Safety Cards are designed to be handed out to anyone that may want or need more information on safe babywearing. Each card displays key safety guidelines, with wording that’s supportive, sensitive, and caring.

Whether you’re a caregiver, babywearing advocate, or babywearing professional, these cards are a practical and helpful tool. By purchasing your Community Cards, you not only play an important role in educating caregivers in your community, but you support our organisation to continue advocating for babywearing benefits and safety across Australia.

The cards are compact and easy to carry around in your bag. Simply choose your preferred pack size and add your Community Safety Cards to your cart.

Community Safety Cards


Use your Community Safety cards to promote safe babywearing in your community. Hand them out to parents or caregivers that need or want more information.

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