We offer three models with different weights and sizes so you can practice with babywearing dolls designed to represent newborns, infants, and toddlers. Please choose your preferred demo doll model from the dropdown and add it to your cart.

Newborn Selina Babywearing Demonstration Doll

Age: Newborn

Size: 50cm

Weight: 2.7kg

Head circumference: 35.2cm

This model is recommended by Trageschule Dresden® (teaching institution for carrying babies). Selina’s head, hands, and feet are made of vinyl, and one of her hands is open. She has a cloth body made from 100% cotton, with disc joints. Baby Selina is handmade, easy to carry, and has a natural weight distribution for a lifelike feel when practicing with baby carriers. She can be placed in a spread-squat position, ideal for babywearing.

Infant Lisa Babywearing Demonstration Doll

Age: Infant

Size: 60cm

Weight: 4kg

This babywearing doll was specially developed for the needs of Clauwi Trageschule®. Baby Lisa’s body is manufactured without disc joints in its legs, and her head, hands, and feet are made of vinyl, with one hand open. She can be placed in a spread-squat position and has a natural weight distribution, ideal for lifelike practice with baby carriers. Handcrafted in Germany, baby Lisa is comfortable to handle and ideal for demonstrating a wide range of carrier types and techniques.

Toddler David Babywearing Demonstration Doll

Age: Toddler

Size: 76cm

Weight: 5kg

Head circumference: 45cm

Carefully handmade in Germany, Toddler David is an ideal doll for practicing or demonstrating toddler babywearing during consultations, babywearing meets, or exhibitions. David’s body is made from 100% cotton cloth, with disc joints. His head, hands, and feet are made from vinyl, both his hands are open, and he has excellent quality binding. Even at 5000g, David is easy to carry, with natural weight distribution and the ability to place him in a spread-squat position, ideal for baby carrier demonstrations.

Note: Doll eye colour and clothing may differ from the photo.

Weighted Demonstration Dolls


Purchase weighted dolls for baby carrying demonstrations. These dolls are specially designed and handmade in Germany to the highest quality standards.

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