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Holding Hope

Holding Hope

Holding Hope – a Community Health Initiative by the Australian Babywearing Association!

Holding Hope aims to make babywearing more accessible and achievable to caregivers and babies across Australia who are in need. Using a baby carrier provides enormous positive benefits to families and is a tool that often makes parenting more manageable. In times of crisis, financial stress, or other exceptional circumstances, Holding Hope, donates baby carriers to families in need to assist and support them.  Members of the community can donate their baby carriers that are no longer in use knowing they’ll support a family in need. Donated baby carriers will enable parents and children in vulnerable circumstances to experience that close connection that all children crave, whilst at the same time being practical and empowering for caregivers. 

The Importance of Attachment & Benefits of Baby Carriers

Strong attachment is the foundation of emotional and physical health and enables children to feel confident as they gain independence later in life. When children grow up feeling a deep sense of love and a solid foundation of respect and security, they have an advantage of growing up into an adult with healthy mental health, secure relationships, and positive self-worth.Babywearing can be vital for bonding and attachment, providing continuity and security, promoting breastfeeding, and helping to reduce anxiety and depression. Overall, caregivers are often happier when carrying their baby, being able to respond quickly to a baby’s cues and settle them helps caregivers to feel more confident in their skills as they adjust to their new role. Caregivers often end up becoming more in tune with their carried child which creates confidence in their competency. It becomes a beautiful dynamic then of the child gaining further trust in their caregiver with their needs being met. And caregivers need this intimate attachment so they can enjoy and commit further to investing their time and energy. It can become an essential tool for parents to have in their toolbox and is comforting for them to know they can quickly calm their unsettled baby.

How do we work? 

We support and assist families Australia-wide, as well as online. Holding Hope has partners across the country that are collection points for baby carriers. If you wish to donate your baby carrier, you can find your nearest collection point here, or send it directly to the Australian Babywearing Association. Donated Baby Carriers are then passed on to our partner charities who get the carriers to families in need, or they are sent straight to families in need who have been in contact with us. We work with organisations and charities that support vulnerable children, indigenous communities, refugees, parents dealing with domestic violence, severe financial hardship and more. We help families with children who have extensive medical needs and special needs, enabling them to enjoy sacred time together. We have volunteer educators who can assist families who need further specified help with their baby carrier and who would benefit from direct support. How can you get involved?

  • Donate your baby carrier to your nearest collection point or by sending to Australian Babywearing Association – PO Box 288 Capalaba, QLD, 4157
  • Register your business as a collection point by emailing
  • Refer yourself as a family in need by filling out the form below 

Together we can allow more caregivers and children the opportunity to experience the benefits and practicality that babywearing offers.

Brooke Maree
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Brooke Maree

Brooke Maree is one of Australia's leading Babywearing Educators. Based in Brisbane, and mother to 2, she works with parents, professionals, and companies, promoting Babywearing Safety and Best Practice.

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